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The importance of backward or inbound links to your website is still a valuable asset and counts toward how well it ranks in the search engine results. Some would say it is the most valuable, and as always, there is debate in the SEO circles as to how much. None the less it is not something you can ignore. Continue reading “Anchor Text”

Search Terms vs Keywords

If you are new to using either Google AdWords or Bing Ads you may want to have a look at the data under ‘search terms’. By search terms I mean the exact term that was typed in by a person when performing a search that brought up one of your ads which was then clicked on to go to your desired website.  This can be very important to the efficiency of your campaigns. In other words, you may be wasting your money on unrelated or bad search terms without knowing it.

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KDE 5 Plasma – Send As Email Attachment

So I really like KDE 5, definitely my favorite desktop environment. I also really like Dolphin for KDE-ish reasons (ie. you can customize the hell out of it very easily). However there was one small quirk that I couldn’t seem to make my own and that was the right-click menu action, ” Send as email attachment” which defaults to Kmail.  Since I am a Thunderbird fan this was just simply annoying and nothing in the configuration menus would allow to change this.

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HTML – What do I use: <br>, <br/>, or <br /> ?

This has been bugging me for quite some time now and since I started using HTML a long time ago in a galaxy far far away <br> was the tag format of choice. Actually it was the only choice… Then I started seeing  <br>, <br/>, and <br /> sprinkled everywhere. It is amazing how having to type one extra keystroke for that one slash can be so annoying. So it’s good to know that according to:

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